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Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

From our inception, we have adopted the philosophy that every creation is not just furniture, but a symphony of values, resonating with the heart of those who appreciate the extraordinary.


The fusion of extraordinary vision and skills

Meubles Inde has established itself as a distinguished player in the industry, offering an exquisite array of furniture pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Founded on a foundation of passion and dedication, Meubles Inde's journey reflects a harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity. We pride ourselves on giving every piece a story, a connection to heritage, and an essence that stands the test of time.

Sustainability is non-negotiable; we meticulously trace the journey of our wood to ensure it hails from reforestation sources, intertwining eco-consciousness with artistic expression. Our success is rooted in strong partnerships that span the globe. Over the years, we've learned the art of bridging cultural and language divides, fostering relationships built on trust and mutual growth. Open communication is our cornerstone, empowering clients to be informed collaborators every step of the way.

“I am honored to be the captain of this craftsman’ship’. For more than two decades, my team and I have poured our hearts into establishing Meubles Inde as a hallmark of exceptional furniture design and manufacturing. Our story is a testament to our unwavering commitment to blending the richness of tradition with the innovation of modern design.”

Praveen Sankhla
100,000 square feet Manufacturing Unit
Experienced and Skillful craftsmen
In the industry since 2003

Growth Rings: The visionary force behind Meubles Inde

Welcome to Growth Rings, a distinguished furniture manufacturing and export company headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. As the proud parent company of the renowned furniture brand "Meubles Inde," we have been shaping the industry since 2003. Our expansive 100,000 sq ft manufacturing unit stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

At Growth Rings, we seamlessly blend tradition with technology, setting the standard for cutting-edge furniture design and manufacturing. Our ethos revolves around utilizing the highest quality and best-grade woods. With a global footprint, we export our exquisite creations to more than 14 countries, establishing ourselves as a trusted name in the international furniture market. Our main focus lies in the artistry of furniture design, driven by a talented in-house design team capable of crafting customized furniture that meets the unique needs of our clients.

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Countries served
Loving clients
Projects done

The Paper Mill Project

Entire Furniture to accommodate 600+ Seating, Customized Cast Iron Counter Façade, Crank Doors of Private Dining Room, Planter Trolley on Wheels, Concrete Cutlery Stands, Vintage Props, Waiter Stations, Cast Iron Ceiling Lights with Paper Mill Branding, Cast Iron Bar Cabinet, Cast Iron Ceiling Clock.

Sydney Country

2019 Year

600 Seater


Sustainable recycled furniture for a Greener tomorrow

A dedication to the embrace of the Earth pulses at the core of our brand. We use wood from old houses that have been renovated. Instead of letting the wood go to waste, we turn it into design and morally conscious masterpieces. We create furniture out of the heart of salvaged wood with hands committed to both creativity and sustainability.

Each work we produce is a story of rebirth, a symphony of the inventiveness of people and the tenacity of nature. In a world where every decision counts, we act as environmental protectors, creating an eco-friendly future for future generations by weaving dreams from abandoned pasts.

Wood to timeless treasure

Wood to timeless treasure

From the raw cocoon of inspiration to tangible essence, know the process of delicately weaving the threads of concept and form guided by the hands of artisans.

Our exquisite collection

Our exquisite collection

From sleek modern masterpieces to timeless classics. Explore our creations that mirror the richness of your imagination.

Let’s talk business

Let’s talk business

Explore partnership opportunities, custom designs, and bulk orders. Join us in shaping exquisite furniture solutions for your needs.